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Periodo: Dal 08/11/2018 al 11/11/2018
Luogo: Grand Palais Avenue Winston Churchill 75008 Paris
Artisti: Gabriele BASILICO, Franco FONTANA, Francesco BOSSO, Giovanni GASTEL, Béatrice HELG, Angela LO PRIORE, Arno Rafael, MINKKINEN Carlo, MOLLINO Pietro, PRIVITERA

For PARISPHOTO 2018 we would like to propose a group-show titled VERTIGO, that reminds us the famous movie presented by Alfred Hitchcock in 1958. The sense of vertigo was represented by the movie-maker with special Dolly camera movements in order to create a strong reference with the pathology who creates a false impression of rotational sensation lied often to acrophobia, extreme fear of heights. Hitchcock used also the spiral as geometrical symbol of psychological and sentimental vortex in a famous ghost-mare scene, deriving them from the short Dadaist Surrealist movie “Anemic Cinéma” from the 1926 by Marcel Duchamp. VERTIGO could be also an interesting metaphor well representing the falling fear and the sick kind of drop lied to the contemporary human life in this speedy society.
We have selected some photographers and artists trying to give us an interesting point of view regarding Vertigo moods and other interesting themes underlined by Hitchcock especially regarding not only the physical pathology. From the destabilizing urban views of the cities by Gabriele Basilico and Franco Fontana to the mysterious women by Angela Lo Priore, placed on whirling stairs of charming buildings, from the selfies naked and hunging in the empty by Arno Rafael Minkkinen to the dark cascades by Francesco Bosso. From the fragile equilibrium of Giovanni Gastel’s portraits to the vertical and powerful abstractions built in her studio by Béatrice Helg till the phone shots captured by Pietro Privitera All these images drive us in unusual, psychedelic visual journey.



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