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Maurizio Vetrugno

An avid surfer and fashion enthusiast, a restless traveler drawn to the East, Maurizio Vetrugno eagerly shuttles between suitcases, yearning to return to his tranquil Val di Susa. For the past few years, Vetrugno has experienced a magical moment: his tapestries resonate with discerning collectors, both Italian and international, who appreciate the glamour of the 1970s and the clever references to the 1950s. Nearly two decades ago, Vetrugno foreshadowed the embroidery technique that is now in vogue (think of artists like Ghada Amer, Eva Marisaldi, and Francesco Vezzoli), using needle and thread to translate computer tabulations into a domestic practice.

After studying at the Dams in Bologna and attending philosophy classes in Turin, Vetrugno emerged in the Turin art scene with a series of paintings that blend pop art with conceptual premises. He also travels extensively, splitting his time between London, where he immersed himself in punk fashion, and New York, where he mingled with East Village graffiti artists.

At the heart of his artistic philosophy lies the fusion of avant-garde thinking with images and passions from mass culture. In the late 1980s, he transformed himself into a rockstar in a photographic series while simultaneously exploring fashion as fetish through installations featuring shoes as sculptures and experimental garments that never made it into production. Vetrugno also dabbles in design, incorporating objects with strong sociological connotations and reflective of current tastes—such as Isamu Noguchi’s iconic paper lamp.

As a theorist, essayist, and scholar of street styles—those spontaneous expressions of youth culture not yet co-opted by industry—Vetrugno discovered his own Orient in the mid-1990s. He fell in love with hidden paradises untouched by mass tourism. In Bali, he surfs—an almost Zen-like discipline for him, blending psychology with an embrace of the unpredictability of the waves.

His regular encounters with distant worlds led Vetrugno to pivot in his current artistic direction. In northern Thailand, near the Laos border, he encountered traditional and highly skilled embroiderers. Inspired, he decided to merge this ancient craft with the graphic design of 33 RPM vinyl record covers—a reflection of Western taste from the 1950s and 1970s, both marked by a strong inclination toward linguistic experimentation.

From Mina to Frank Sinatra, from Elvis Presley to Captain Beefheart, from David Bowie to Lou Reed—the icons of post-war cocktail lounge style, characterized by sophistication and innocence, and the glossy glam rock figures of the 1970s—all appear as key figures transformed from mere tools of mass culture into veritable works of art, transcending temporal boundaries.

These tapestries, resembling old vinyl record covers, fall into two main categories: the first focuses on experimental graphics, tending toward abstraction, while the second draws from popular Hollywood and rock music imagery. These colorful threads, magically suspended in time, weave together tradition and contemporary expressions of art and communication.

In Maurizio Vetrugno’s poetic universe, objects, embroidery, paintings, installations, videos, and sculptures all intersect, connected by the artist’s interpretation of meaning. His work draws inspiration from distant realms—punk rock, religion, blasphemy, mathematics, sociology—resulting in a rich tapestry of aesthetic and semantic relationships, guided by Vetrugno’s delicate and light touch. From October 2020 to July 2021, he participated in the Rome Quadriennale exhibition ‘FUORI’ with an extensive installation of his works in dialogue with his collections of high-fashion jewelry and ancient Chinese glass: for the first time, they were exhibited together, revealing the ongoing interplay and relevance between the collector’s practice and the artist’s within his research

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Galleria S.A.L.E.S., Roma, Italy


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“Maurizio Vetrugno” – Galleria Franz Paludett0, Turin, Italy


“Maurizio Vetrugno” – Castello di Rivara-Centro d’Arte Contemporanea



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Galleria Moncada, Roma, Italy


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Galleria Nova, Roma, Italy

Kirchoff / Satprakash / Vetrugno – Castello di Rivara, Torino, Italy


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“Spunti di Giovane arte Italiana” – Studio Corrado Levi, Milano, Italy; Galeria Buades, Madrid; Galeria Palau Soleric, Mallorca, Spain

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