Above the Valley, 2009After the flood 2, 2012After the Rain, 2012At the Canyon, 2007At the end of the Road, 2014
At the River, 2009Beach Hotel, 2008Beach Marsh at Night, 2009By the black lake, 2007Cabin, 2005
Container in the Ice, 2014Dari King, 2007Deserted Palce, 2007Drilling Rig, 2010Drive In Theater, 2009
Football Pitch, 2008Green Settlement, 2012High-Rise Housing Estate I, 2008High-Rise Housing Estate II , 2009Hochhaussiedlung im Gegenlicht Skyscrapers in back light
House by the Lake, 2005House over the dunes, 2007Ice Hole , 2010In the Tertiary Valley, 2008Islands, 2008
Lake Country, 2008Old Waggons, 2007Railroad, 2007Road to Nowhere, 2012Roller Coaster Ruins, 2013
Settlement in the sun, 2005Settlement with a road, 2005Freibad Open Air Bath, 2020Früher Morgen bei den Korallenmoosinseln Coral pellia islandsRL35_Im Tertiärtal_In the Tertiary Valley, 2020
RL65_Fred & Reds Cafe, 2020